Canine OA: A disease of inflammation

Canine OA is a progressive disease for which there is no cure that affects more than 40% of dogs by age 41. It’s the number 1 cause of chronic pain in dogs and one of the most common reasons for euthanasia.2,3 Early diagnosis and intervention is essential to disrupting the vicious cycle of inflammation and pain.

*In a prospective evaluation of canine OA prevalence in a primary care practice, 41% of dogs by age 4 had radiographic evidence of OA in at least one joint, one-third of which had clinical signs recognized by a veterinarian. Only 1/3 of owners with dogs with OA recognized the signs and only 11% of those dogs were receiving any treatment.

The safe use of Galliprant has not been evaluated in dogs younger than 9 months of age and less than 8 lbs. (3.6 kg). If Galliprant is used long term, appropriate monitoring is recommended. 

  • Multimodal

    Inflammatory mediators like PGE2 play a pivotal role in OA pathogenesis and disease progression.

  • Symptoms

    Increased PGE2 in the joint leads to sensitization, or windup, and can lead to heightened pain sensation and chronic pain.

  • Treatment

    Controlling inflammation is critical to managing OA pain.4,5,6

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Why Galliprant is a first-line choice for canine OA treatment

Galliprant is specifically designed to manage OA by effectively treating both inflammation and pain without tradeoffs.
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  • Doesn’t just mask pain; it controls inflammation and pain at the source by targeting the EP4 receptor of PGE2

  • Unique MOA reduces the impact on organ health7,8

  • Proven effective at improving pain interference, pain severity, quality of life and veterinary assessments9

  • Safety of label dose is supported by laboratory study in healthy dogs receiving ~15x the dose continuously for 9 months**

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**No adverse event was serious enough to require removal from study. Treatment was associated with mild GI signs (soft stools with mucus and/or blood, vomiting) and mild, reversible decreases in total protein and albumin. There were no clinically significant changes in liver, kidney or coagulation parameters, or pathologic changes within the kidneys, liver or stomach.

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Galliprant is an NSAID that controls pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis in dogs.

Important Safety Information

Not for use in humans. For use in dogs only. Keep this and all medications out of reach of children and pets. Store out of reach of dogs and other pets in a secured location in order to prevent accidental ingestion or overdose. Do not use in dogs that have a hypersensitivity to grapiprant. If Galliprant is used long term, appropriate monitoring is recommended. Concomitant use of Galliprant with other anti-inflammatory drugs, such as COX-inhibiting NSAIDs or corticosteroids, should be avoided. Concurrent use with other anti-inflammatory drugs or protein-bound drugs has not been studied. The safe use of Galliprant has not been evaluated in dogs younger than 9 months of age and less than 8 lbs (3.6 kg), dogs used for breeding, pregnant or lactating dogs, or dogs with cardiac disease. The most common adverse reactions were vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite, and lethargy. Click here for full prescribing information.

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